We're a digital products and services firm.

We use design strategy to drive innovation within organizations. We work with clients committed to building modern solutions for mature industry problems.

What sets us apart

Our people

We started the company so we could be around people who are smart, passionate, team players. We wanted people who cared about each other and the quality we put out into the world. Everyone is learning, teaching and mastering technology for the benefit of our clients. Folks can feel the healthy vibe here. And you can see it in our results.

We take the fear out

Technology comes with many fears: fear of cost overruns; not delivering value; losing direction; costly licensing; not getting what you needed; no plan for the future. We take the fear out. Our track record of success, collaborative approach, and “start small” contracting all point to a low pressure, low fear way to create value.

We're smarter together

Cross-functional teams play off each others’ strengths. As experts in our respective industries, we will work collaboratively to define your digital direction. Prototyping, testing, and refining features continue until a natural solution evolves. When we, zu + you, combine our expertise, communicate transparently, and share passion about outcomes we will surprise and delight.

We deliver

75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail*. We have a consistent track record delivering on 100% of our projects.

*Reference: https://www.geneca.com/why-up-to-75-of-software-projects-will-fail/

We have a small client base

When you’re our client, we really get to know you, your business and the systems we’ve built to contribute to your success. We value growth, but with the right partners who share our passion for innovation.

Our innovation culture

User centred design, cross-functional teams and rapid prototyping are all part of the innovation culture at zu. After we complete a few projects together, this collaborative DNA is like a friendly virus that will take hold in your organization.

Rocking since the 90s

Learning over lunch, stacking holiday pancakes, airing Festivus grievances